2-in-1 Crank Nut


This ingenious PPP product is an essential, accessory for every small and big block Chevy or Ford V8 engine.

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PPP’s unique part is not only a srcure harmonic damper retaining washer but also a tool for manual crankshaft rotation in Both Directions with a 1 1/16″ wrench or socket. This feature makes setting valve lash, static ignition timing, degreeing camshafts, and any operation requiring specific crank or cam location simpler, safer, easier and more accurate. When you want the cam or distributor on the back side of it’s lash, you need to turn the crank backwards to get there. An integral ultra rigid Clamping Surface positively secures harmonic dampers, blower drive hubs, and crankshaft accessory drive extensions. PPP manufactures the 2-in-1 Crankshaft Nut Assembly utilizing high strength alloy, and includes a grade 8 twelve point cap screw. The PPP 2-in-1 Crank Nut is an Invaluable Tool and Permanent Replacement for the stock balancer bolt & washer or aftermarket balancer bolt kits.

Also available for applications that use an extended drive for pulleys, which drive additional accessories from the crankshaft, we offer a 2-in-1 CRANK NUT with the same advantages. However the device is secured to the engine with a quality 12 point nut and a length of alloy threaded rod that can be modified at the time of installation to fit the application.