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KWIK SHIFT typical questions and answers

What are the basic features between KWIK-SHIFT I, KWIK-SHIFT II and the POWER SHIFT ?

Kwik-Shift I and the Power Shift are constructed of all billet aluminum that is highly polished then red or black anodized.  Then the side plate edges highlighted and laser engraved on both sides with the gear positions and logo . All the hardware is stainless steel and brightly polished. There is a quick disconnect feature for fast removal of the cable and electrical so that the shifter can easily be removed form the vehicle when required.  In addition there is an internal trans-brake switch (except Proflite and Prohydro) that can be activated with the lever/ button combination while in low and reverse positions.  This is particularly convenient when backing up a car that utilizes a trans brake that must be engaged while in reverse to back up.

    Power Shift is designed as a compact Co2 activated shifter with air cylinder mounted directly underneath the shifter, however  the K/S-II  models can be retrofitted to hands off Co2 shifting with a end mounted cylinder.  There is a complete line of accessories available for all models to meet most individual requirements.

Kwik Shift II has billet side plates finely line sanded, and then bright dipped and black anodized. The handle is made of a smooth line sanded aluminum die-casting.  All shifters have a one handed operation reverse lockout protection that is activated without removing your hand from the handle. Typical to all the shifters is the narrow 3/4” width and light weight of only 1-1/2 lbs. Including a electric switch that permits engine starting in neutral and park only. return to top


What additional hardware is required for the power shifter ?

The air shifter requires a Co2 supply tank, a regulator typically preset to 120 lbs. Per square inch, as well as a three way 12 volt solenoid valve to allow air or co2 to pass to the cylinder on the shifter when a gear change is required. There are two basic ways to command a gear change, option (1) a rpm switch that will send a pulse of electric current to the solenoid valve at a pre-set engine rpm. Option (2) a manual switch activated by the driver, typically mounted in the steering wheel. return to top

Can I use the POWER SHIFTER manually ?

The air shifter can be operated at anytime, just like a manual shifter. return to top

What cable mounting hardware for the transmission is
required ?

The cable arm on the transmission must be of the correct model, as recommended in the instruction sheet. The length from the center of the shaft on the transmission to the attachment hole for the cable must match the ratio of movement of the shifter. return to top

What type of problems will I have with the electrical hook up ?

The electrical connections are very simple, red wire connects to a 12v source, the white wire (brown on K/S-II) connects to one side of your starter switch, the blue wire (KWIK-SHIFT I only) connects to your trans brake. With the KWIK-SHIFT I, with the internal trans brake switch, if you use the standard ignition switch key start, or a aftermarket switch panel; then you will have to use a relay in the circuit. (please check electrical instructions) return to top

Can I convert the shifter to a front exit cable ?

Normally we assemble KWIK-SHIFTERS as rear cable exit to minimize the number of blends in the cable.  Only our Manual shifters can have the handle reversed, to convert them to front cable exit. return to top

What is a reverse pattern shifter ?

A standard or forward pattern shifter has a standard shift pattern of P R N 3 2 1, a reverse pattern shifter refers to a transmission valve body with a shift pattern of P R N 1 2 3, normally used in modified transmissions that have a trans brake. Forward or reverse pattern shifters do not mean that you specifically have to pull or push to shift. This is determined whether the shifter is front or rear cable exit. return to top

What is the Proflite and Prohydro Shifter pattern?

These modified Chrysler and Turbohydro transmissions shift P N/R 1 2 3 N, reverse is neutral position with trans-brake engaged. return to top

Can I change my existing Kwik Shifter to another model transmission?

In most cases only the side plates are required for the change.  return to top

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